Kudos to the newest dual-citizen from the Golden State


Are you having troubles with your Luxembourg dual-citizenship application and find yourself complaining and being a whiny defeatist? Well, stop. Look at Shirley Lee Ross, who, “having found that all 16 of her great-great-grandparents had come to the US from Luxembourg,” still stumbled into problems when the government began processing her documents.

I haven’t encountered anyone online who has done that much painstaking research and was able to trace his or her lineage to so many Luxembourgers. This woman must be the most Luxembourgish Luxembourg-American out there.

According to the Luxembourg Wort: “During the application process, [Ross] explained, there had been some issue with her surname. While in Luxembourg women commonly use their maiden name for official documents, authorities recommended that her Luxembourg passport should match the one from the US.”

Additionally, according to a Wort piece from March 2014, Ross also couldn’t find vital records for multiple ancestors who had immigrated from the Grand Duchy to Wisconsin because the state did not require these documents until 1907. Her complication joins a long list of applicants in states where old laws have become a genealogical hindrance to this project. Nevertheless she, and I know a majority of us, have prevailed in light of these governmental and bureaucratic obstacles.

Ross now has her passport. She made a special trip to the Grand Duchy to obtain it instead of picking it up from the consulate in San Francisco.

I suppose the bumps on the road make reclaiming citizenship a better story to tell; a smooth journey can be a boring one. Congratulations to Shirley Lee Ross, the newest member of the U.S.-Luxembourg family!


The American St. Nick in Luxembourg

Here’s an interesting CNN story on a World War II veteran who brought Christmas to Wiltz before he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. The town still recognizes him for providing children with holiday cheer during a traumatic period in the Grand Duchy’s history.


You guys are pretty darn cool. Thanks for starting all these awesome threads. I’ve been away from the forum for a week, and it’s an absolute pleasure seeing all the conversations that have been started. I’ll make sure to officially greet you to the forum, even if you’re already been busy chatting up one another about our favorite Grand Duchy.

Good job, guys. You rock.

Luxembourg PM counters Greek MEP’s homophobia


Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Grand Duke Henri and Nikos Nikolopoulos are shown.

Twitter is where politicians, both good and bad, go to tweet the most inane comments for the enjoyment of the Internet masses. Apparently lawmakers in the European Union are just as prone to stupidity in 140 characters as their American counterparts.

So what is Member of the European Parliament Νίκος Νικολόπουλος (Nikos Nikolopoulos) saying?

“FROM EUROPE OF NATION STATES, QUEER MATES !!! The Prime Minister of Luxembourg got engaged with his beloved !!”

What kind words from an extremely conservative European politician to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is set to marry his partner, Destenay Gauthier, after the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies voted 56-4 to pass new laws allowing same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples.

While Luxembourg has always been relatively progressive politically, this past year, which included the election of the country’s first gay Luxembourg PM and sweeping changes to marriage laws that hadn’t been altered since 1804 — is quite impressive considering that 95 percent of the country subscribes to the Catholic religion.

Most high-profile leaders would ignore this bigotry, but Bettel’s sense of humor and sense of obligation to the LGTBQ community inclined him to respond with wit.

Good for you, Monsieur Prime Minister.

Bettel later clarified that the confrontation via social media would not exacerbate relations between his countrymen and the Greek people and their Hellenic Republic.

New forum: Useful links to information and documents


I’m going to create this thread so we can combine useful links to information and documents. This way people will have more of a centralized place to go for forms they need and step-by-step instructions for each of the phases in the reclamation process. Please contribute below the message, and I will add your URL to the top and attribute who provided the link so that you can be a celebrity in the Luxembourg dual-citizenship community.

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