Me want Lux cookies

IMG_2555-1I’m throwing a party on Saturday to celebrate my citizenship. Sarah baked these in preparation for the festivity. They are delicious, and probably in violation of Luxembourg’s flag code. Gahhhh cooooookie nom nom nom.



9 thoughts on “Me want Lux cookies

  1. I have attended the fest twice and I enjoy it. Belgium is a very small community, but someone or more than one person from the Duchy attends the fest. one year it was a chef! Last year, it was a band. There is a parade, and activities in the city park. I tell people to think of a church festival. The Cultural Conference is on Friday night. It has a theme. Saturday, there is a 5k and 13 K run, a parade complete with the march if the sheep. There is an honored families exhibit, which features Lux families. Sunday morning begins with a Catholic Mass in the park, with a couple of the prayers repeated in Lux. Following the service is the coronation of the new local royalty followed by a dinner, where treipen is one of the options. Here is a link to last year’s schedule. I didn’t get to that one. I went the two years previous. The cultural center gets busy with people researching their ancestors there. I found a lot of info about my Lux ancestors there, including the name of their immigrant ship. The heritage weekend is the perfect time to take advantage of the research time! My family settled not far from there. Belgium is north if Milwaukee.

    • If you ever go to the heritage fest, decide early enough to make a reservation. There is only one motel in Belgium, a few in Port Washington, and then if you can’t find anything, then Milwaukee. But even that is not. long drive. The research center is small, but they certainly had the information I needed. you could probably email them and ask them if they have anything on your family to make your trip worthwhile. I didn’t do that because I wanted to make the drive and visit my grandparents’ graves while I was there for the festival. And I remembered the word for the march of the sheep. It’s H√£mmelsmarsch and there is a statue in Luxembourg City to honor the march of the sheep.,The sculpture was done by Will Lofy.

  2. And are you familiar with Fausto Gardini? He attended the first year I was there. He has written several books about Luxembourg. He has a website you can find if you google his name. Peace!

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