A wannabe no more


It’s been a few years, but after being introduced to this project at the beginning of my senior year of college, I finally received my notification letter stating that I became a citizen of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg effective Dec. 22, 2014.

The letter arrived in my mailbox yesterday, but Sarah, who had been at a happy hour at the best place to get a cheap drink in the District, was the first to spot it jutting out of our tiny mailbox. She grabbed the large envelope and proceeded to stuff it in the fridge so as to surprise me. Not until she insisted several times that she was thirsty and wanted me to fetch her a glass of water from the Brita pitcher did I realize something seemed peculiar. Exactly a year ago, she tricked me similarly; flying back back earlier than me from seeing family for Christmas in the Midwest, she taped my certificat de nationalité to the bathroom mirror. When I returned, I didn’t notice the paper until after using the facilities twice that night.

Now it’s time to plan a day to head over to the Luxembourg embassy near Dupont Circle. Lucky for me, the embassy is only a few stops down the Metro red line. Hopefully soon enough I will be sharing a picture of my passport and trying it out for the first time in who knows where (maybe the Canadian border).

I have to extend a special thanks to my Great Aunt Mary Lou, for learning about the reclamation law when she attended Chicago’s Schobermesse in 2011, and to Sarah, who translated emails and spoke to administrators in small Luxembourgish hamlets so that I could gather all the necessary documentation. And thank you, the reader, for asking for help and giving it generously. We have established quite a niche community and should be proud of the work we have accomplished.

Now … IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE … with some quetsch I bought in Luxembourg City last year.



12 thoughts on “A wannabe no more

  1. Congratulations! As well as reclaiming your cultural heritage, you can now also live, work and travel with no restrictions in almost 30 European countries:)

  2. Congratulations to a new fellow Luxemburger from a Luxembourgish native! I enjoy your blog because it shows me that there are still so many “Lost Luxembourgers” out there that are actually interested in connecting with their past and getting the Luxembourgish nationality. Congrats again and as Tom mentioned it already, this passport will now give you a whole bunch of advantages!

  3. Congratulations! I am a grandmother, but only within the last three years found out that I had Luxembourg heritage. I learned about the citizenship opportunity less than two years ago and then stumbled on your blog. I am happy for your news. Best wishes.

  4. Congratulations, Trevor! And THANK YOU so much for blogging about this. I just found out about this law this week and have been freaking out ever since! I couldn’t fall asleep last night until after 2am because I couldn’t stop thinking about it! Eek! So my great-grandmother was born in Luxembourg and came to U.S. in early 20th century. My grandpa (her son) was born in 1920 so I assume she came a few years earlier. I need to get the dates and exact info from my mom or grandpa yet (on my weekend to do list). What is my next step or what information do I need to get from my family? Email me if you want: kristin.rae@gmail.com. I am so excited about this opportunity! Any advice it IMMENSELY appreciated. I will take you out for drinks or dinner or whatever you want when I get to Luxembourg. Thank you in advance and I look forward to reading all your blog posts.

  5. Hi. Since the post is a few months old, my comment might arrive too late for you. But I just want to say that you cannot go to Canada on your Lux. passport as they require a sort of proof that you’ll leave the country, usually a plane ticket. Since you’re American, you’ll need to provide them your American ID or passport. And then they’ll assume you’ll come back to the USA.

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