Luxembourg PM counters Greek MEP’s homophobia


Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Grand Duke Henri and Nikos Nikolopoulos are shown.

Twitter is where politicians, both good and bad, go to tweet the most inane comments for the enjoyment of the Internet masses. Apparently lawmakers in the European Union are just as prone to stupidity in 140 characters as their American counterparts.

So what is Member of the European Parliament Νίκος Νικολόπουλος (Nikos Nikolopoulos) saying?

“FROM EUROPE OF NATION STATES, QUEER MATES !!! The Prime Minister of Luxembourg got engaged with his beloved !!”

What kind words from an extremely conservative European politician to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is set to marry his partner, Destenay Gauthier, after the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies voted 56-4 to pass new laws allowing same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples.

While Luxembourg has always been relatively progressive politically, this past year, which included the election of the country’s first gay Luxembourg PM and sweeping changes to marriage laws that hadn’t been altered since 1804 — is quite impressive considering that 95 percent of the country subscribes to the Catholic religion.

Most high-profile leaders would ignore this bigotry, but Bettel’s sense of humor and sense of obligation to the LGTBQ community inclined him to respond with wit.

Good for you, Monsieur Prime Minister.

Bettel later clarified that the confrontation via social media would not exacerbate relations between his countrymen and the Greek people and their Hellenic Republic.


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