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Moein, y’all.

I wanted to re-up these videos for anyone who is new to the blog. I also don’t think I’ve posted the fourth in the series, but they’re helpful and will encourage you to start finding documents and planning trips to the Grand Duchy.


2 thoughts on “Helpful videos

  1. Good stuff.

    I just wanted to use your blog as a surrogate to update you and your followers on my own progress. I’ve been out into the cornfields for the past week gathering records, and I even educated one of the counties concerning ‘tangible interest’ and great grandchildren. My oldest certified document thus far is the 1873 birth of my great grandfather in Minnesota, and I should be able to pick up 7 to 8 more records in the next week.

    I am having a bit of trouble finding a marriage record for my GGs, to which GG-Gpa is the fellow born in Lux and died in 1905 — the main (and only) ancestor who qualifies. His parents death records are also eluding me, his dad died around 1857 and mother in 1888 — I have to follow up on a newspaper obituary index for his mother which should indicate the county. I’m not sure how much these two death records will matter though, so I’m not too concerned.

    Some good news on the Luxembourg side of the pond, I received a reply to my email from the National Archives Ancient Records Conservation department. Free certified copies of GG-Gpa’s and GGG-Gma’s birth certificates, and GGG-Gma and Gpa’s marriage certificate! They unfortunately could not find GGG-Gpa’s birth certificate from 1800, this was also during the time when the French messed up the calendar … here’s what she said about it:

    “Noerdange was in 1800 in the municipality of Beckerich and the date of 6th of October 1800 should correspond to the French revolutionary calendar of the 14th of the month vendĂ©miaire year 9.”

    So apart from the death certs for both GGGs, and the marriage certificate for my GGs … the only record I can’t get a handle on is the Hungarian BC for GG-Gma. I think I mentioned before I found a baptismal record which I might be able to get the microfilm for, then I was thinking I could have a notarized copy made in lieu of certification (Hungarian Archives haven’t gotten back to me.) This woman’s birth year also keeps changing, baptism in 1838, census record shows 1839 and DC/tombstone says 1840. Not too concerned about this one either, it’s really just the one marriage certificate that I’d like to have… even though I have heaps of other non-certified docs which could verify it (but no date.)

    Once I’m ready to send in for the Certificat, is it required to send money at that time?

    I also want to file for My Grandfather, Father, Myself, Brother and his Daughter … 4 generations in one go! Should be interesting.

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