A Manhattanite in Luxembourg


Chris Pavone is author of “The Expats,” a crime novel that takes place in our all-time favorite Grand Duchy. From New York City, he temporarily moved to Luxembourg with his wife for her work and began writing a manuscript for what would become an Edgar Award-winning book. In a New York Times piece, Pavone writes about his move from the Big Apple to the quaint and “cobblestoned” European country wedged in between Germany, France and Belgium that’s “about the same geographic size, and half the population, of Rhode Island … ”

Here’s an excerpt:

… we took what’s called a preview trip, a long weekend in a business hotel, nice meals and fine weather, visits to the tourist attractions. And a full day of house-hunting with Petra, a skeptical relocation agent who had a hard time accepting that we wanted to live in an apartment in the dead center of the Unesco World Heritage old town. She was used to clients who wanted big houses in the suburbs, with driveways and yards; she was used to Americans who wanted to recreate America, abroad. We didn’t. We wanted a European version of Manhattan.


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