Submitted my papers


Moien, y’all.

You might have noticed an obvious lack of posts and responses to emails. I’ll hopefully clear the backlog as I wait for my flight in Frankfurt, which takes me to Iceland where I’ll wait for another flight to Washington, D.C.

I’ve been in Europe for the past two weeks, experiencing Dublin, Belfast, London, Brussels, Frankfurt and (drumroll, please) LUXEMBOURG, where I submitted my documents for recovery of Luxembourg citizenship.

It’s been an outrageously fun vacation, and it’s finally provided me with some extra content to share with you. In addition to writing a detailed account about Luxembourg, I’ll also be writing about the other European cities I visited. I assume many of those who read this blog and are pursuing citizenship reclamation probably find travel an exciting pastime and might want to know an extra thing or two (also relatives read this, so I’m in a way obligated to document my travels).

Luxembourg was unlike any place I’ve ever seen, but that’s not saying much for anyone considering that this is my first time off of the North American continent — unless you include that time I celebrated my 23rd birthday at the Uruguayan Embassy. I don’t think I can justly describe the Grand Duchy, as I spent most of my time in and right outside the central hub of Luxembourg City. But a true Luxembourger showed me around the city, and gaining his perspective on certain sights and the demographics of the capital, which consist mostly of foreigners and workers who commute from outside the country, provided an invaluable cultural experience. My experiences won’t necessarily mirror the experiences of readers or reflect the truest account of someone who has really delved into the intricacies of life in Luxembourg, but it’ll hopefully offer some idea of Luxembourg culture, life and politics (anyone keeping up with the Merkel/Cameron feud over former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker’s claim to the EU presidency?). Only those who have spent considerable time in the country — I was there for two and a half days — can detail in full the way Luxembourgers operate as a people and a country.

After I devise and successfully execute a plan to accrue an insane amount of wealth that allows me to take frequent international trips, I hope to explore the northern part of the country, where there are more castles, wilderness and towns where my relatives once lived and worked. I also want to learn more French and German, and maybe ein bisschen Luxembourgish, so that when I return, I do not have to rely so dependently on my girlfriend for translations, and I can also show respect to the inhabitants of these smaller communes through language, however badly I botch words with my pronunciations and accent.

My flight to Iceland is about to board. For now, I sign off. But in the coming weeks and months, expect a trickle of stories, pictures and information that I hope will provide knowledge, assistance and entertainment.

Till then, äddi!



20 thoughts on “Submitted my papers

  1. Just an update on the Bierger Center address, I’m told they are moving soon to the following address:

    44, Place Guillaume II / 2, rue Notre-Dame
    L-2090 Luxembourg

  2. So, do we need two copies of all of our documents? Meaning, do we need one set for step one and another set for step two?

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