Checklist for phase 2

Matt gave me this handy checklist for all the items one needs for phase 2. It should be helpful for organizing documents and making sure one has everything before the big trip to Luxembourg. Click here for the PDF version.

Checklist - Phase 2-page-001


9 thoughts on “Checklist for phase 2

  1. Daniel,

    Thank you.

    Just curious to know more now about the official translator requirement. Can you comment on that?


  2. Shannon, Where are you based out of? The consulate of Luxembourg told me to contact the consulate of France in New York (where I live). They sent me to a list of 4 translators they have approved of on their website. Each one charged a rate of 40 USD per one page document. I spoke with the office in Luxembourg and they also informed me any translator officially recognized at court in your country of residence will be recognized in Luxembourg. Just needs a seal of some sort would be my guess.

  3. Daniel,

    Thank you. That information is very helpful. I’m in Tokyo and when I contacted the Luxembourg Embassy, they e-mailed me back saying that they do not have a list of official or certified translators.

    However, I have not contacted the French Embassy, so maybe that will be my next step, then.

    Thanks again for your comments!

  4. Damn, I’m still waiting. Submitted in late November and it’s nearly June. As of June 1, it’ll have been 6 months that I’ve been waiting for my family certificate. People keep asking me, “Why is it taking so long? What’s the matter?”

    I wonder how long the evaluation and treatment of each individual request actually takes? Maybe a day or two to verify family certificates and documents? It seems that most of the waiting time is simply due to the high volume of requests that they have, thus the requests are stuck in a queue for several months before they are actually evaluated by the staff.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks again for the tip on contacting the New York French consulate. I e-mailed them and they replied with a list of approved translators.

  6. Hello!
    I am working on phase 2, but what is the “note d’information” ?
    Also, it is myself, my sister and my mother that are doing this process together, but if they cannot come to Luxembourg to turn in their paperwork is there a way for me to handle their forms for them and turn them in in Luxembourg with their permission?? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all!

    • Email me at I can help you faster there! The note d’information, from what I understand, essentially means that your government is cool with you being a dual-citizen. The second part of your comment I’m currently investigating unless someone else has an answer! I want my sisters and dad to apply.

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