A request for information

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Hello, everyone who reads/stumbles upon this blog.

I wanted to send out two questions to those who have already gone through the application process, become dual-citizens and completed the passport stage.

1) When going to the Ministry of Justice to officially become a citizen of Luxembourg, how long does it take from walking in the door to leaving a dual-citizen?

2) Can the passport application be completed while at the Ministry, or can this be completed via mail? Also, what does this exactly entail?

I have heard conflicting information from multiple sources, and I haven’t had the time to call anyone in Luxembourg to seek clarification. Anyone who has already completed these processes, please feel free to comment on this blog or email me personally at trevoreischen1714@gmail.com. Your answers will not only help me but also several others who follow this blog.

Äddi! (and thanks!)


24 thoughts on “A request for information

  1. Hello Sébastien,,

    When you were filling out Form A-14, did you have trouble entering all of your addresses and employment history? I have more addresses and employment history than fit in the spaces on the form! So I wonder if I should include a separate attachment. Do you think this is acceptable? I am preparing Form A-15 now in French and so I am curious what other people have had to do if the form does not have enough space for them to enter all of the information.

    Also, for Question #8, Education “Lieu et pays”, should I enter the full address (Street number, City, State, postal code) or just the country or city and country? If I enter the full address, the text becomes incredibly small and almost unreadable.

    This was also a problem for Questions #5, Addresses, and Question #9, Employment History. The text is so small, it may be hard for some people to see with the full address.

    Maybe I can include a separate sheet with these addresses and my CV resume with employment history.

    Finally, how far back did you go for past Addresses in Question #5? I only went back about 20 years. For Question #9, Employment History, I only went back 15 years.

    I’m just curious what you did and if you had the same questions or problems as I am now facing with these forms.


  2. Hi Shannon, I think it’s good enough if you fill in the most recent jobs you add.
    Regarding Education, I simply put the City and Country. This was good enough for me.
    If they made this form this small, I guess this means they are only interested in the most recent data.
    Well this is my understanding! But I am sure this is also OK if you would like to add a separate sheet of paper with more information, but most probably not needed!

    • Hello Sébastien,

      Thank you for your help. Yes, I just might include my own personal CV as an attachment. Maybe though our entire life history is not necessary.

  3. Hello everyone!
    A Belgian friend of mine went to the Biergercenter today to apply for Citizenship (phase 2) handing over his certificate of Lux. Ancestor and they told him this is going to take AT LEAST 8 months from there!
    Good luck everyone!

    • Hi Seb,

      WOW! 8 months?

      I submitted my family records for phase 1 back in November and the reply I got from the Ministry of Justice was that the processing time for phase 1 is going to be about 6 months.

      If I receive my certificate for phase 1 in May or June of 2014, and then apply immediately for phase 2, I won’t likely receive my Luxembourg nationality until early 2015!

      Thanks for the heads up, good to know what the time lines are for phase 2 also.

  4. Hi Seb,

    I’m from Vancouver. Yeah, that’s too bad that you’ll have to wait an extra 3 months. Well, they must be processing a higher volume of applications. The window is closing, so maybe more people are deciding to submit their applications to reclaim the Luxembourgish nationality before it’s too late.

    And yes, things are fluid and can change – and I hope they do! I Like Trevor, I also stressed about my documents in Phase 1 and made sure to contact the Ministry to confirm that my family records arrived safely, which they did, thankfully.

    Seb, a quick question here about Phase 1 documents: Does the Ministry return all birth, marriage and death records after they examine them and issue the certificate or do they keep them on file somewhere?


  5. Hi Seb,

    I submitted my Phase 1 documents a couple of months ago. However, I scanned all of my family records. I assume you are saying they keep the docs submitted for Phase 1. That’s good for readers of this blog to know. They may not scan or copy family documents and assume that they will be returned to them after Phase 1.

    Thanks for confirming that.

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