The latest election could turn into a death knell for Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker, whose 19-year term as the head of the Grand Duchy could come to a startling end if opposition parties can form a coalition government.

From Reuters:

… the centre-right Democratic Party (DP) said it would begin coalition talks with would-be partners, the Socialists and the Greens.

Juncker’s Christian Social People’s Party (CSV) has led governments in the tiny state between France, Germany and Belgium for all but five years since World War Two, but lost three seats in an election on Sunday to leave it with just 23 in the 60-seat parliament.

With just 23 sits, Juncker’s CSV faces uncertainty as the DP, which has 13 seats, seeks to form a coalition government with the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (13) and the Greens (6).

Unlike U.S. government, about which I’m guessing most people who read this blog are familiar, Luxembourg has a unicameral parliamentary system of government, meaning if Juncker loses control of the Chamber of Deputies (the Luxembourg version of Congress), the ruling party will be whoever leads the coalition — in the case mentioned above, the Democratic Party.

Juncker will attempt to reach out to the liberals, or those in the Democratic Party, to form a coalition government — remember, “liberal” in European politics follows the classical meaning of the word. But this will be more difficult than in past elections.

From the Financial Times:

Xavier Bettel, the 40-year-old leader of the liberal party and mayor of Luxembourg city, however, has hinted at his intention to try to form an alternative government without the CSV.

But Bettel’s party could also join forces with the CSV, a deal Juncker hopes to broker, and exert DP influence on how Juncker forms and leads the government.


The end of Juncker?

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