My parents are hanging with Dennis Hastert

My parents not only have a vibrant social life but one that includes mingling with — or taking iPhone pictures from afar of — a former speaker of the house and the Luxembourg Ambassador to the U.S.

On a Sunday night, I sit here, drinking a dirty martini and recklessly driving through a fictional, video-game city called Los Santos. Not very exciting, I’d say. Also, my eyesight is getting really bad, so I’m constantly running over pedestrians and crashing into parked cars.

photo (13)

My parents? They’re partying at the 125th celebration of the Luxembourg Brotherhood of America with tickets courtesy of my Great Aunt Mary Lou — the “great” does not indicate age rather her insane level of “awesomeness.”

They’re about to stuff their faces with this cake.


They’re about to pin these giant, bad-ass medals and ribbons onto their clothes.


And this is the third and final picture from my dad, who’s totally creeping on former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert — who has Luxembourgish ancestry — and the Luxembourg Ambassador to the U.S. Jean-Louis Wolzfeld (right of Hastert) with the beard and glasses). The guy on the left side of Hastert is his son Ethan, whose father’s political acumen he did not inherit (he lost a congressional bid). But he did inherit his father’s love for the Grand Duchy because from Ethan’s LinkedIn page, I can see he is an honorary consul for the Luxembourg Consulate in Chicago.


Also, apologies to the followers of this blog for my slowness in responding to comments and emails. I’ve been swamped lately, but I assure you that within the next week, I will address your questions via email.



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