Website Wednesdays


To help populate this blog with more content for your reading pleasure, I’m starting a weekly post called “Website Wednesdays” that’ll provide Luxembourg-Americans with web pages they should explore to keep up with Grand Duchy news and lean more about the country.

Here’s the first website: is really a must-read publication. The website offers news content in English, German, French and even Portuguese. It’s also the largest newspaper in Luxembourg. Here’s a blurb on it from Wikipedia:

Luxemburger Wort für Wahrheit und Recht is a Luxembourgish daily newspaper, published by Saint-Paul Luxembourg since 23 March 1848. From 17 March 2005 until 22 March 2008, it was renamed as d’Wort, although its full title remained d’Wort – Luxemburger Wort für Wahrheit und Recht. It is primarily a German language newspaper, but includes small sections in both Luxembourgish and French, plus a website in English and Portuguese.

The paper has a circulation of 81,003 copies a day and a daily readership of almost 176,200,[1] making it Luxembourg’s most popular newspaper by both counts. The newspaper received €1,524,658 in annual state press subsidy in 2009: the second-most of any newspaper, behind rivals Tageblatt.

So go check it out. There’s an interesting article on the Luxembourg myth of Melusina the mermaid.



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