Let’s learn Luxembourgish

This is the Catholic prayer called the "Ave Maria" in Luxembourgish.

This is the Catholic prayer called the “Ave Maria” in Luxembourgish.


Do you not know what I just said? Well then, you must be a blithering idiot.

Just kidding.

But seriously, if you’re interested in learning the absolute basics of Luxembourgish, then you should visit this page from the BBC. It has a list of 12 words and phrases that might help when traveling to the Grand Duchy or when needing a party trick for some dull dinner party.

(Photos: Famous Americans of Luxembourg descent)

I’m surprised at how much Luxembourgish I can actually read without ever having studied the language. Many of the words and phrases look and sound like those found in the German language. For example:

“I don’t know” in German is “Ich weiss nicht.”

“I don’t know” in Luxembourgish “Ech weess net.”

(MORE LUX: Beer in the Grand Duchy)

Pretty cool, no? Maybe taking four years of German in high school wasn’t a waste.

Also, if you’re a Francophone and speak en français, you’ll notice, too, that some words in Luxembourg are stripped write from the French dictionary. For example:

“Thank you” in French is “Merci.”

“Thank you” in Luxembourgish is “Merci.”

I suppose the hybrid nature of Luxembourgish makes sense when looking at a map. Luxembourg is nestled between Germany and France. It’s also contiguous to Belgium, whose official languages are Dutch, French and German. I am unfamiliar with Dutch, but from cursory research, I can tell that it also asserts itself linguistically on Luxembourgish.

Before I sign off for the day, here’s one word that I’m sure will come in handy when strolling the streets of Luxembourg.


What does it mean?




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