Information on passports


One reader of this blog, Daniel, has some important information on passports that will be beneficial to those of us interested in obtaining EU passports:

Passport Information

We just received our passports, and I’d like to share some information on the wire transfer. There is a hidden fee of 30 euros after you transfer the 50 euros to Luxembourg to pay for your passport.

I was warned by the embassy to make sure I sent enough to cover any charges. They said a woman recently sent 50 euros but only 20 was there when they went to collect the passport charges.

The problem is no one can tell you what the charges are. I called the bank (BCEE) that they tell you to transfer the funds to, and they said that they don’t charge a fee. However, the bank that they transfer your funds to does charge a fee. BCEE is only an intermediary and not the final destination.

I transferred 250 euros to Luxembourg to pay for four passports (plus an extra 50, to cover any extra fees). I was told yesterday that I had 20 euros left. That means that the passport office’s receiving bank charged a fee of 30 euros, the same as the woman the embassy told me about. I hope this bit of information is helpful to anyone applying for a passport.


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