No. 1 on Google

A follower of this blog from the Peach State informed me that I have risen to No. 1 whenever one googles “luxembourg dual citizenship” as a search team. I now rank above the Luxembourg Embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as the Wikipedia page devoted to nationality laws in the Grand Duchy.

Exciting, no?

Other than that, I haven’t much with which to update the Luxembourg-American community in regards to my application process. Unfortunately, I still have yet to receive any sort of notification from the Ministry of Justice. However, I now know it takes a significant amount of time, especially as more and more people submit applications for dual-citizenship.

(PHOTO GALLERY: Famous Americans of Luxembourg descent)

I will hopefully be calling Xavier, the contact everyone seems to be using, with the help of my French-speaking girlfriend so that I can check into the status of my application. I keep worrying the USPS box in which I put all the certificates and documents went down in a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. But I shouldn’t think so pessimistically. Either it’s there and has been read, or it’s waiting to be opened in a mail room somewhere in the bowels of a bureaucratic building in the capital.

I’ve been busy get acclimated to my new job, but once things settle, I’ll devote a couple hours to churning out pieces on Luxembourg history, culture and famous descendants. Please let me know what you want to learn more about, and I’ll do the research.

Instead of leaving you with a highly important word or phrase to learn in Luxembourgish, I thought I’d link you to a Facebook page at which you can learn completely useless phases in Luxembourgish. It’s rather amusing, and obviously has a very small following, but it’s hilarious and, who knows, might come in handy one day if you move to the Grand Duchy.

Click here to visit the Facebook page.



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