My cuz takes a snapshot of Lux history

My cousin Mike, who has been studiously absorbing knowledge pertaining to European art, culture, economics and history — and maybe frequenting the clubs and imbibing European spirits with professors — took a picture of a tabard of a herald from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I know very little about the outfit, but I’ll make sure to ask my cousins lots of questions about it in when I see him next weekend. Regardless of my lack of knowledge, this tabard is something I’m going to wear when I travel to Luxembourg to obtain my dual-citizenship.

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2 thoughts on “My cuz takes a snapshot of Lux history

  1. Hey Trevor,
    I have spent the last hour reading your entire blog. As a Luxembourger, I think that iit’s great that you try to get the luxembourgish nationality. I also believe that not enough Americans of luxembourgish descent take advantage of this opportunity. May I ask if you are still going to be in Washington in October of this year? I remember you asking for people who could give advice on planning a trip to Luxembourg. I am moving to Washington in October on an internship. If you like, we could meet and I could help you with that.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am now a permanent resident of the District of Columbia, so when you come over in October for your internship, we should meet over coffee or drinks. By then, hopefully I will have heard from the government as to my eligibility and the completion of the processing of my application. I need all the advice I can get for planning my trip to the Grand Duchy! You can reach me at, and closer to the date, we can solidify plans to hang out.

      Best regards,

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