An update from the Wanna-Be Luxembourger

As of a few weeks ago, I have finished the first phase of my Luxembourg dual-citizenship. After spending about a year and a half compiling all the necessary documents that prove my connection to several Luxembourg ancestors, I finally completed this part of the project and sent my application from the United States Postal Service office at Union Station in Washington, D.C., to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

Now, the only thing I can do is wait. From what I have read and what several followers of this blog have informed me, after about one to two months, applicants receive word from the appropriate agency as to the eligibility of their applications. Then an additional six months takes place before the application is processed. Then, hopefully then, I’m off to Luxembourg to become a Luxembourger.

Those of you in this stage of the process: Let me know how it’s going!



An update from the Wanna-Be Luxembourger

7 thoughts on “An update from the Wanna-Be Luxembourger

  1. Hi Trevor!

    I just dropped off my request for an ancestry certificate in person in Luxembourg (which is WAY more beautiful than I thought it would be). They told me that it will take 6-7 months to receive the certificate. I wasn’t sure if you had the same info, so I thought I’d pass it on!


    • Thanks, Jade! Yeah, I’ve heard that it takes anywhere between six and seven months. I sent my application via snail mail, and from others have testified, I will receive a notification from the Ministry of Justice that they received my application. Once I receive that, it’ll take about half a year.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jade! Are you studying in Europe right now, or were you on a trip?

  2. Hi Hannah, I sent my application through the United States Postal Service, and it actually made it to Luxembourg (I emailed Xavier to make sure). Let me pull up the address for you. Here it is:

    The Ministry of Justice (Certificat de nationalité)
    19, rue Erasme L-2934

    Email me at if you have any further questions!

  3. Hi Trevor! It would be awesome if you had a forum somewhere on your blog. I would really like to read other successful cases of nationality recovery. I am trying to find a succesful case of a person whose luxembourgish ancestor was born before 1815 and died before 1.1.1900.
    Also: I met a Brazilian who already has his citizenship. As he descended from a 100% male line of ancestors he didnt even need to go to Luxembourg as he had never lost his nationality (jus sanguinis). He was asked to pay 10 euros and the the Certificate of Nationality was sent to his address in Brazil. So, there are peculiar cases that it would be interesting for all of us to learn about. If not a forum, a post where people can comment on how was it for them to get their citizenships. Thank you once again. Flavia

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