Getting my application ready to send to Luxembourg

2013-04-09 20.10.25

Here is everything I need to send to the Ministry of Justice.

Having finished the document hunt, I have started compiling the vital records for myself all the way back to my great-great-great grandparents into an organized binder. I am giving each document its own sleeve. On one side of the sleeve, I will slide in the document. On the reverse side, I will type and print explanations of each document. To ensure an expeditious application process, and because I’m anal-retentive and want this all to go well, I’m writing these description pages in English, French and German. Thankfully I still remember how to say simple words such as “birthday” and “great-grandmother” auf Deutsch, and Sarah has written the French part.

In addition to the documents, I’m writing a letter requesting a CERTIFICAT RELATIF A L’AIEUL LUXEMBOURGEOIS. Using InDesign, I’m designing a family tree to chart my relation to my Luxembourg ancestors. I will insert this after the letter requesting citizenship and before the documents.

I will then send the application binder to the following address TOMORROW.

Ministère de la Justice
Service de l’Indigénat
Centre Administratif Pierre Werner
L-2934 Luxembourg

And then?




9 thoughts on “Getting my application ready to send to Luxembourg

  1. So – just some reference for you – took about 2 months for me to get the certificate back, but it then took about 6 months after my declaration in Luxembourg before I received the final paperwork. Good luck!

  2. did you have to notarize the letter you wrote explaining your request? i have downloaded your model, so thank you so much!

  3. how did you get a “Certified true copy of your passport” ? We obtained our passport records through the department of state but it looks like it is something different than a certified true copy of our passports … might have paid for these records for nothing! haha

    • I was at first under the impression that one must obtain a “certified true copy of your passport” via the Department of State. However, some French-speaking followers of this blog, as well as those who have already gone through the process, were able to clarify that it is not necessary. What we did was have a notary notarized a copy of the passport. Is this a certified true copy? Legally, no. Don’t worry about having had waited so long to obtain your passport via the State Department. The more official and true a document the greater the likelihood of getting citizenship shoots through the roof. When I was compiling my documentation, I was overcautious about everything. It was followers of this blog who helped me find shortcuts.

  4. Hi Trevor,

    I am just beginning this process. I need to locate and order the birth certificate and marriage record of my great, great, grandparents who are from Luxembourg. What have you found is the best way to gather certified records from Luxembourg?

    Thanks for posting this helpful blog. Your posts have been very informative and helped me along in this journey! Congratulations on receiving your certificate!

  5. Does the letter requesting for a Certificat Relatif a L’Aieul Luxembourgeois have to be in French or german? Also trying to clarify what all I need to send in the letter. Are you supposed to send proof of ancestry with the letter requesting for a Certificat Relatif a L’Aieul Luxembourgeois?

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