I have the certified copy of my passport; one more document to go

My passport currently contains zero stamps. Besides Canada and Mexico, I’ve never been anywhere in the world, though, when I talk about places, I sometimes trick people into thinking I’m well traveled.

Thinking I would study abroad, I purchased a passport during my college years. But with a double major, two minors and journalism classes, time, specifically time spent accumulating the necessary credit hours, dictated that I stay in the States.

But boy, am I glad I got my passport then. In order to obtain my dual-citizenship in Luxembourg, one must include in his or her application packet a certified copy of a U.S. passport. Had I not gotten my passport then, during the swelteringly hot Missoura summer of 2010, this application process would be extended another few months.

With my passport and photocopy in hand, I sprinted across K Street from my office building and met with Lori, an employee at Bank of America, who certified my copy.

2013-04-05 20.26.20

Now I only have one more document to include in my packet, which is the certified copy of my birth certificate. That’s currently 63 miles away in my parents’ van, on its way to D.C. with furniture for my new apartment.

Once I have the birth certificate in hand, I throw everything together, and then, with utter joy and excitement, I send the application from the post office in the basement of Union Station to the Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg.


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