A Luxembourg Feast, Part II

I made some of my favorite Luxembourg recipes last night for dinner, starting with Bouneschlupp, a green bean soup that incorporates green beans (obviously), carrots, shallots, potatoes, garlic, bacon, bratwurst, sour cream and some more bacon — you can never go wrong with having too much bacon. As a side dish, I fried several servings of potato pancakes topped with sour cream and organic apple sauce. To wash it all down, I bought a large bottle of Double IPA, which, at least to my knowledge, has no cultural connection to the Grand Duchy, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

2013-03-05 19.24.40

For dessert, I tried something new. Apparently Luxembourgers like plum tarts, also called quetsche tort. Using a super easy Barefoot Contessa recipe, I baked this:

2013-03-05 20.23.41

Sarah and I ate HALF of it.

2013-03-05 20.46.03

But it’s OK; it’s mostly fruit. Well, that and one and a half sticks of butter and some other not-so-healthy baking ingredients. So what, who cares?! It’s delectable.

2013-03-05 20.38.05


2 thoughts on “A Luxembourg Feast, Part II

  1. My mom taught me to top my potato pancakes ( I call them gromps) with a little bit of maggi. It’s awesome. Another super popular dish here is chicken a la king (poulet a la reine…or something like that.. my French and Letzebourgish both sort of suck). It’s my personal favorite and super easy to make. Good luck with your application. I just went went to the Ministry of Justice today to turn in all of the documents for phase one to prove my heritage back to 1900. I was so excited I cried a little in the office, but they were all very nice, even though they said it would take about six months and then I still have step two…

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