This is NOT a Klan rally. Rather, it’s an all-inclusive, nondiscriminatory holiday in Luxembourg that simply asks people to usher in the spring by burning giant wooden structures made of wood and old Christmas trees. Photo: Charel Bidoli

How do Luxembourgers celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring? They burn stuff.

Luxembourg’s annual fiery festival, known as Buergbrennen, kicked off on Saturday with the first events held on Saturday in Wiltz, Niederkorn and Vianden.

The traditional Buergbrennen event is based on an ancient pagan tradition, marking the end of Winter and the start of Spring.

Now that’s what I call a holiday. Add some celebratory libations, and you have one toasty, fun-filled, highly dangerous holiday.

Before …


And it gets even better: To make the “buerg,” or bonfire, residents collect wood, often Christmas trees, to burn. What a great way to incinerate the Xmas spirit!

Taking place on the first weekend in Lent in Luxembourg, the occasion is marked by a torchlit parade through the streets, which culminates in a giant bonfire in which old Christmas trees are burned among other things.

Next year, I’ll make sure this is scheduled on my Google Calendar. Celebrating this is nonnegotiable. However, I’m not sure where in DC I can get away with burning a giant wooden structure. #luxembourgproblems

For more details on Buergbrenner, and to read more news on the Grand Duchy, visit



Buergbrennen, which might be German for “INCINERATING CHRISTMAS TREES”

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