Luxembourg’s got tough tires

My Great Aunt Mary Lou sends me her copy of the Luxembourg News of America in the mail after she’s finished reading it. While reading the latest edition, I spotted a short but interesting article on Luxembourg’s contribution to the U.S. presidential motorcade.

President Obama’s heavily armored car, also nicknamed The Beast, may be the state-of-the-art American Cadillac, but its tires were made in Luxembourg.

Technical specifications of the car are mainly kept under wraps by the secret service for security reasons.

One thing is certain though, as uncovered by Auto Moto magazine: the tires used for the BEat are produced in Luxembourg.

The Goodyear RHS truck tires are produced at the company’s plant in Colmar Berg and tested at the Goodyear Technical Centre. They are specially designed to be able to run when flat, in case of emergency.

Safe trip, Mister President.


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