Back to work

Fact 1: The practice of dumpster diving is not permitted in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. GET YOUR HANDS OUTTA THE TRASH.

Fact 2: General George S. Patton is buried in Hamm, Luxembourg.

Fact 3: According to the CIA World Fact Book, Luxembourg’s military expenditure was 0.9 percent of gross domestic product, which places it 137 in military spending. In conclusion, don’t worry about Luxembourg invading you.

After a longer than expected vacation, I return to work Monday. Also, it’s apparently 2013, and I was supposed to make things referred to as “New Year’s resolutions.” However, I fail at everything when it’s labeled a resolution, so I’ll continue calling them goals.

Goals for 2013? Become a state senator or a bartender or both.

Damn. I forgot. I no longer live in a state. Oh well. Besides, I’m saving these goals for my retirement.

But really? I accomplished plenty in 2012, most of which I didn’t plan. I should probably get my dual-citizenship; that way I won’t feel obligated to write this blog. I never made Baked Alaska, the only one of my 12 goals for 2012 that I didn’t accomplishments. I’ll let spontaneity take me on a whirlwind ride this year. I’m more partial to the unexpected, and I fear consistency when it comes to lifestyle. I’ll welcome more craziness and volatility into my life, and with this mentality, I’m sure I’ll experience and achieve.


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