Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg — one of the few European monarchs left to pull off having facial hair —  and his bridge Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy were married on Saturday, according to a Washington Post article that elaborates on how flippin’ great Luxembourg is.

The nuptials gave tiny Luxembourg — a founding member of the predecessor of the European Union — a rare moment in the international media spotlight. With a population of just over 500,000, the trilingual duchy punches above its weight: Besides being an important financial center, it’s home to the world’s largest steel manufacturer and it boasts the second-highest gross domestic product per capita in the world, more than $80,000.

The post also summarized the tiny nation’s history:

Luxembourg began as a Roman fortress. It has, at one time or another, fallen under the control of Spain, France and Austria. In 1839, it gained its independence from the Netherlands, but lost more than half its territory to Belgium. Germany overran Luxembourg twice in the 20th century despite its protests of neutrality.

I’ve been awful about updating this blog. But don’t fret. I’m working on my final vacation entry today that hopefully I can post tonight. Then I’m going to get back into the Luxembourg groove.



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