A post finally devoted entirely to Luxembourg-related material

I know, I know. I haven’t finished the story about my adventures out east and the beginning of my life in Washington, DC. As my mother said earlier today: “You kind of left us hanging.” Well, hang tight, because I’m posting EVERYTHING about my trip to Boston tomorrow.

For the time being, however, I’m returning to the original focus of this blog: Luxembourg dual-citizenship.

I received my first bit of mail from Luxembourg as a Washingtonian.

Inside this large envelope, adorned with the very familiar postage of the Grand Duchy, I received four crucially important documents, all of which were certified with a date, signature and the official seal of Kiischpelt, Luxembourg.

Here is Francois Schmitz’s — my great-great-great-grandpa — birth certificate.

Here is his certificate of marriage to my great-great-great-grandma, Maria Catharina Winandy.

And here is the death certificate of great-great-great-grandpa Francois.

Here is the death certificate of great-great-great-grandma Maria.

I also received this, not from Luxembourg, but from Barack Obama.

… I’m voting for Mitt because of this. I did not order the “Women for Obama” bumper sticker. I specifically ordered this:

Psht. You lost my vote, Obama. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, though. I did get it for free.

Anyway, the four documents I received from Luxembourg make me 100 percent qualified for dual-citizenship. At one point during the summer, I realized my great-great-grandparents had moved to the U.S. before 1900 and had revoked their citizenship before 1900 as well. Although a representative from the Ministry of Justice, who spoke at the 2011 Schobermesse, said this wouldn’t be an issue, I feared that I would be disqualified anyway. But now that I have acquired proof that my great-great-great-grandparents were born before and died after 1900 as citizens of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, I can now apply without any reservations.

I’m amazed that I could get a hold of these documents. These are how old the documents are:

Maria Katharina Winandy
Birthplace: Derenbach, Oberwampach, Luxembourg
Birthdate: 17 December 1840
Marriage date: 19 August 1863
Death date: 17 April 1917
Father: Jean Michel Winandy
Mother: Margarithe Hahn

François Schmitz
Birthplace: Enscherange, Wilwerwiltz, Luxembourg
Birthdate: 18 November 1832
Marriage date: 19 August 1863
Death date: 14 May 1916
Father: Michel Schmitz
Mother: Anne Marie Stecker

I have to again thank my kick-ass girlfriend, Sarah C. Sontag, for pestering the government officials of Kiischpelt and listening to them say she has a funny accent — she has a French French accent, whereas they all have a Luxembourgish French accents. Confusing? Yeah. That’s why I love and tell my god to bless America, where we have one language, AMURICAN.

Without Sarah, I’d have none of this. She’s a pretty cool person. I should probably date her or something.

The next step in my dual-citizenship process: finish getting my American relatives’ documents from Cook County and then translate every document that’s in English to German. Scheisse.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on my week in Boston.



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