Watching the DNC in a town where a guy let loose 48 exotic animals before committing suicide

I’m in Zanesville, Ohio, nicknamed “Ohio’s Second Capital” because the 9th and 10th sessions of the Ohio General Assembly met in the Muskingum County Courthouse, which is located in the old downtown area.

Courtesy of OZinOH.

Then the assembly moved to Columbus, where they meet in this incomplete-looking thing.


What, Ohio, are you too cool for domes or something?!

Zanesville is gorgeous. Lush green mountains encircle the town, and after a light summer shower, the green of the leaves on the trees radiates as the rays from the sun pierce through the clouds and some other clichéd, over-the-top description like that. It’s pristine, picturesque and perfect for a suicidal maniac to release scores of exotic lions and tigers and bears on unsuspecting Ohioans.

I’m spending the night here as I head east for Washington, DC. In my last post, I promised to elaborate on how this all happened with a long blog post I was supposed to write over the weekend. But packing, saying goodbyes and planning the logistics of a 14-hour move occupied my time and pushed writing a blog post on WordPress toward the bottom of my list of priorities.

I’m hoping that tonight I can make headway on a long, detailed, gif-laden post on how this all unraveled. This dual-citizenship blog will morph into a blog where I can continue to update the Internet masses on my citizenship project but also inform the world of my adventures in the nation’s capital.

Bad news on the Luxembourg dual-citizenship front …

Remember how I wrote about records requests for my great-great-grandpa Albert F. Eischen? The request came in the mail today. Figures. The day I leave for Washington I finally get my request in the mail. I received everything I needed, but most of it wasn’t certified.

In other words, I wasted $47, which is the equivalent of seven Chipotle burritos — at least in Columbia, Mo.

Oh, look … IT’S RAHM ON THE TV. (I’m watching the DNC.)

One day I will become a Luxembourger. I will publish a book, titled Becoming a Luxembourger: A Tale of Defeating a Chicago Bureaucracy. Rahm will of course still be mayor by the time I obtain dual-citizenship and write my New York Times bestseller. I  will take my first copy, chuck it at his head and say, “Rahmbo, I love ya, man, but we need to change things up over at Vital Records.”



2 thoughts on “Watching the DNC in a town where a guy let loose 48 exotic animals before committing suicide

  1. Hi there

    I just read your blog and it felt familiar! I have been struggling with bureaucracy as well!
    I am French but my ancestors were from Luxembourg as well!
    I just submitted my application this week and it seems to be complete!
    Let me know if I can help (I actually lie in Luxembourg)!


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