Someone thinks Luxembourgers are drunk and stupid

WordPress is neat because it allows bloggers to view and understand their audiences. For example, using the “stats” tab, I can see how many views my blog has accumulated, from whence the views came, from which of my social media sites and to where I’ve directed them. The page also provides a box in which I can view what words or phrases people type into search engines that lead to them eventually click on the link to my blog in their search engine results.

So, in conclusion, I see a list of phrases such as “luxembourg,” “dual-citizenship,” “ancestry,” and other relevant words that might direct someone to clicking on the search engine link to my blog.

However, someone who visited my site recently typed in “luxembourgers are drunk and stupid” to find my blog.

You, whoever you are, can go to a disagreeable place. We all know Luxembourgers are brilliant and have godlike tolerances for libations.

Actually, it’s kind of funny that someone would enter that into Yahoo or Google or whatever. Someone must’ve had a really bad break up with a Luxembourger boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also, has anyone figured out that I have an unhealthy obsession and fascination with gifs?


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