Mail time is the best time when you’re applying for Luxembourg dual-citizenship

What is this in my mailbox?! TWO items for me … one from the Cook County Vital Records Office and the other from Feelen, Luxembourg.

What’s inside this envelope?

Luxembourg has the most stylish stamps on the planet.

It seems to be …

… my great-great-grandfather’s birth certificate — at least I’m pretty sure it is. My German ain’t too bad; I can easily read my great-great-grandma’s birth certificate from Enscherenge. However, the writing on this document is difficult to read.

How did this end up in my mailbox?

Yes, right … SARAH CALLED LUXEMBOURG AGAIN (inserting shameless plug for her blog right HERE).

Now on to the second envelope from David Orr’s office.

This must be a letter informing me none of my records could be found.

OK, let’s get this over with. I open the envelope, look inside and find …


certified copy of my great-great-grandma’s death certificate?! I thought I screwed up and ordered a genealogical copy, which the Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg won’t accept?

Another record?!

A 115-year-old marriage certificate for my great-great-grandpa and great-great-grandma?! It looks like this document is issued only for genealogical purposes, but I can purchase a certified copy later.

I submitted the request last week on Wednesday. I received the documents yesterday, exactly a week later.


Impressive, Cook County. Very impressive.

This is very good news. Each week, I will send out a records request for one relative. I have six more people with documents in Cook County, and then my mom’s birth certificate and parents’ marriage certificate in Winnebago.

Could I get all the birth, marriage and death certificates I need by the end of September?

It’s time to get to work.



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