A rash on my back and other things

Today is Tuesday.

I haven’t worked on my dual-citizenship project recently. In fact, it hasn’t been on my mind much. I’m still pondering my plan of attack. But I’m also busy working on job applications, one of which has much potential and about which I am very excited.

Saturday I went to the Taste of Chicago with Mizzou friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Another thing I saw on Saturday that I hadn’t seen in a while? RAIN.

And thank god it did, Ollie Williams.

On the train ride home, I ate Altoids and read Foreign Policy and Time. FP had a profile on Hillary Clinton, which caters to my reading preferences.

Speaking of Hillz, I forgot to post this onto my Tumblr. Instead, I’ll post it here. Thanks, The New York Times:

Two summers ago, on a Congressional trip to Estonia, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton astonished her traveling companions by suggesting that the group do what one does in the Baltics: hold a vodka-drinking contest.

Delighted, the leader of the delegation, Senator John McCain, quickly agreed. The after-dinner drinks went so well — memories are a bit hazy on who drank how much — that Mr. McCain, an Arizona Republican, later told people how unexpectedly engaging he found Mrs. Clinton to be. “One of the guys” was the way he described Mrs. Clinton, a New York Democrat, to some Republican colleagues.

What happens in Estonia stays in Estonia. Well, until The New York Times finds out about it.


On Sunday I took an impromptu trip to the Wisconsin Dells. My parents had been staying up there with other Eischens for the weekend, and they were going to rent a jet-ski for a couple of hours. Realizing Lake Delton is only a two-hour-and-fifteen-minute ride — much less if you’re speeding like a bat out of hell that doesn’t mind honking at Minnesotans who are only going 5 mph over the speed limit — Cori and I decided to join the family and get in a few minutes of watercraft fun.

When I took off my shirt to put on a life preserver, my mom spotted a crazy rash on my back.

This is not the telescopic view of a planet’s surface.

YOU DIDN’T THINK I’D POST A PICTURE OF IT?! This blog is true life; it’s “for realz.” It’s no sh!t but super legit. Y’all get over yourselves. Any doctors from Luxembourg, or other nations, who can tell me what’s growing on my back?

I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that green soda when I toured Oscorp last week.

This is a considerably uneventful week. Maybe I can accomplish something with my project. I can also pump out some more job applications.

I almost forgot. I am seeing this:


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