MOTHER F@#$ER: A Post Replete with F-bombs

This would happen to me. According to a report:

Luxembourg’s Justice Minister wants feedback from Grand Duchy residents about dual citizenship, as part of a debate on the Nationality Act.

François Biltgen hopes to gauge public perception about the naturalisation test, which includes a language exam.

The Nationality Act, offering dual citizenship, came into force in Luxembourg in 2009. It allows applicants who wish to remain in the Grand Duchy the chance to retain their original nationality while also benefiting from closer integration into their host country.

Under the debate planned for this autumn, the minister wants the whole of civil society to be consulted before a revised bill is presented in December, this year. Among the questions he would like to put to residents will be about the importance of speaking Luxembourgish and what level of understanding should be required before nationality can be issued.

Damn it, Justice Minister François Biltgen!

Actually, I don’t blame him for considering reforms to the law. But I’m not sure to what extent he and his ministry intends on reforming the law; hopefully they and the parliament doesn’t consider abolishing the entire law. I’m curious to know what Luxembourgers think about its dual-citizens not being fluent in Luxembourgish right off the bat.

The good folks at suggest:

Please be informed that the law on Luxembourg nationality and also Article 29 regarding recovery of Luxembourg nationality by descendants of emigrants Luxembourg (see below) will be reviewed towards the end of year for amendments to that law. For those who want and can do this recovery, it would be better not to wait until the deadline for such recovery, but to make their requests as soon as possible.

If the change in the dual-citizenship law means learning Luxembourgish, I wouldn’t mind investing the time. But it will slow down the process. I’m worried that once I’m employed, I won’t be able to work on this project and travel there. Unless, of course, I gain employment near Luxembourg, in which case I would have the time, means and resources to learn Luxembourgish and even French and German.

However, I would really prefer obtaining Luxembourg citizenship immediately as opposed to disrupting what has already been a long process in order to learn a language.

All of this means that I would have to take a trip to Luxembourg very soon, probably within the next year to submit my papers. If anything, Biltgen’s push to alter the 2008 law will only expedite the process.

Wait, I just wrote ” … trip to Luxembourg very soon, probably within the next year … ”

So, anyone out there on the Internets good at planning trips to Europe, specifically Luxembourg?!?!? If you have advice, suggestions or even dire warnings, fill me in ASAP.

I need to plan my day trip to the Cook County Clerk’s office. I need to get copies of family members’ birth, marriage and death certificates right away.



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