Gettin’ ready to celebrate Amurica

I’ll be busy the next couple of days celebrating my sister’s 21st birthday  and the Fourth of July. I say goodbye to my aunt, uncle and cousins on Thursday. The next day, I say hello to one of the craziest people in the world, Mo, who has been melting in the bastard sun that hovers over Florida like a child-held magnifying glass that’s frying ants. And on Saturday …


Hi. I’m Gustav Mahler. In addition to writing incredible symphonies that were under-appreciated in my time, I can make sitting in chairs look totally bad-ass.

Life goal: listen to all of Mahler’s symphonies performed by a professional orchestra in a concert hall. So far, I’ve heard the Second and Ninth performed by the CSO, and I’ve played trombone in the First as a member of the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra. After Sunday, I’ll have four of nine complete. Sure, there’s a Tenth, but Mahler’s broken heart stopped ticking before its completion. Someone else finished it for him.

Depending on whether I get a job in or near Chicago, I’ll also have the opportunity to see the CSO play the Third in November. What a 23rd birthday treat that would be. After-concert pub crawl would be a must-do.

Anyway, I need something Luxembourg-related in this post. To celebrate America, I will post a picture of one of America’s most renowned politicians who, like myself, has Luxembourg ancestors. He also represented my district when he served in Congress.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Dennis Hastert.


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