People are actually reading this?!?!

I’m shocked.

As a newb to WordPress, I didn’t think anyone would read this. However, within the last few days, I’ve been asked questions from several friends, and I’ve gotten views from people in France, Hungary, the UK and Luxembourg itself.

Thanks, Liz.

For those in Europe, specifically Luxembourg, please let me know when I’m flat-out wrong about anything, no matter how nuanced? I would appreciate your comments and input. I created this blog to share my experiences but also learn from others. I won’t feel comfortable applying for my citizenship until I’ve grasped the culture, its people and language.

In others news, I’m afraid I’m too busy this week to work on my citizenship project. Tomorrow is my sister’s 21st birthday, and we’re going down to Champaign-Urbana to pick her up and start the day with a margarita pitcher. On Wednesday, it’s family and friends for the Fourth. Thursday I’m saying goodbye to my aunt, uncle and two cousins who are moving to Northern Ireland, and then Friday I’m seeing my friend Mo, who’s forgotten how superior Chicago is to Florida and has decided to spend a few weeks here.

I also need to get that job. I’ve been cranking out cover letters all day, per usual.

Anyway, I’m hoping to read more about Luxembourg and compile some informative blogs based on the many things I learn. I’m particularly excited to learn about Luxembourg cuisine and history.

Shall I sign off with a “goodbye” in Luxembourgish? I’ll give it a go. Forgive me if I misuse a phrase or butcher a spelling. Et deet mer leed mä ech schwätzen net Letzeburgesch. Ech brauch Hellef! (I’m sorry, I don’t speak Luxembourgish. I need help!)

Äddi! = Goodbye!


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